Monday, August 30, 2010

Visiting Home. Oxymoron?

It's weird when you have to go visit the place you grew up; when the people who have been your life are 4 hours away. Well the first week was a success. I made it through my first week of college, world! I went to a pretty sick foam dance Friday night . It was fricken cool. The bubbles went up to my knees, it was like a giant bubble bath. There was even some pretty cute boys there.

Saturday morning me and Lindsey left for home and I went and cleaned my room.
I was supposed to go on a date with Mr. Simpson but it didn't work out, luckily enough. Who goes on a date with their ex?.... bahahaha besides Malcrusby. They're just that cute. But anyhow, I got to see the fam and play with the ladies. It felt nice to be back home even though it's only been a week. It was a stressful week! The farewell went very well. Ben did good and even got a little teary eyed near the end, I love that. He'll be a fantastic missionary. We went to his little after celebration later and then made the trip back to St. George. We listened to our favorite men, Michael and Mat. And then went to sleep. Yesterday was basically the worst day ever because I had my CIS class deadline and I had no idea what I needed to do. Me and Lindsey spent nearly the entire day in the computer lab trying to get it done. Eventually I finished with only a little tears and then I went to FHE. Get to know you games are the worst. I guess I got an icecream sandwich out of it though.

Today is my day off. I think I am going to grow to LOVE my Tuesdays. Just institute and napping and online classes. It's lovely. I'm feeling quite worn out from the last few days. Dougie and I are on a new one phone call a week deal. We'll see how long that lasts. He was supposed to get his call this week, but it's not looking like it will come so quickly. I guessed that he's going to Florida.

My expectations for Dixie College were not met in any shape or form in the boy area. There are more girls everywhere you go! It's driving me crazy. How am I supposed to date when the only boys that I talk to are married or completely socially retarded? Darn you, Dixie.

Nasty story to brighten up your day: I was walking out of the computer lab yesterday when something dropped out of the tree in front of me. It was a big fat green Caterpillar. When it hit the cement, it splattered everywhere. Yuck.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hair On The Brain

I am so envious of these girls. Grow hair, grow! I wish I had Sharon here to braid my herrrr. And I wish Alexis were here to make sarcastic comments and fat jokes. Oh ladies. I miss each of you. See you soon.

A Week of Many Welcomes.

I think I have met about a thousand new people this week, which is good. unfortunately I'll probably only retain about 10% of the names I learned. Yesterday was fun, a good way to start off the year. I had english first with Lindsey at 10 o'clock. It's nice to have my first class that late because that means that everyone else is gone and I get the apartment to myself to get ready and such. I started off my morning right with Beiber and Honey Bunches of Oats. Delicious. English went well, my teacher seems nice and she said that we'll only have about 4 papers the entire semester. Communications was next, also with Lindsey, at 11. That class seemed good because I didn't get the feel that there was going to be a huge work load- that it was just one of those classes that you get the grade for just showing up.
My next class wasn't for another two hours after that so me and Lindsey took a field trip to the Library and got a feel for how it works. I checked out Lovely Bones because I've heard it's good. We stalled for time and then I went to my last class, biology. The classroom was pretty legit, like the ones you see in movies where there is about 50 seats and the teacher is lower in the room than the students. I felt so grown up. I liked my teacher, she has that scientist eccentric energy about her and she made fun of herself a lot. I liked that she seemed eager to help anyone too. Which I may need a lot of these next few months. She said that we'd probably need to study about 1 to 2 hours a night! I might die!

After that Linds and I took a trip to Cafe Rio and it was SO GOOD. I was starving by that point. We both got coupons for free dessert too. It was a good day. That night was the carnival at the school for Welcome Week. We didn't stay long because it was kinda lame and we had homework. We came back for fireworks later and Gabby saw Cody... and Mckay. And Austin. And Logan... haha all her boys showed up at the same time, it was hilarious. She ended up telling him that she didn't want a serious relationship with him and he took it pretty hard. But that's a good thing for me because I probably won't have to deal with Matt again.

There's a boy that I have to mention. His name is Nils and he's in our ward. He's like our apartment big brother. He gives us blessings when we need them and makes us cookies and such. He is hilarious, a return missionary, and a good church boy. Him and Connie are going to get married. I like when he comes to play. I guess I should also mention Brayden (sp?). He is Courtney's older brother and he tags along with us sometimes. He talks to me a lot but I hope he isn't interested. He just isn't my type and he's honestly a good foot and a half taller than me. He's nice though. Hopefully he can find a nice tall, also socially awkward girl to date. Not me.

Today was my first day of institute. It went well. There was even two cute guys in my class. TOO BAD THEY'RE MARRIED. Ugh. I now have learned that cute boys go on missions. Or get married. But they certainly don't take classes at Dixie. Oh what bad luck. I am now going to take about 4 online tests and study for a biology lecture in the morning. Heaven help me.

Oh. P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE SISTER. If any of you see Lindsey round town you should wish her a happy birthday. She'd like that.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Young Single Adults Unite.

Today was my first day of church in my new ward. It was at 10:30 for some odd reason; I think it regularly starts at 11. Shalisa and Gabby both gave talks and they did quite splendidly. The sacrament boys were pretty cute, I must say. It made me regret sleeping in this morning instead of getting ready. The meeting was short and sweet and we chatted for a few minutes after. Cody, Gabby's man at the moment, asked me what I thought about Matt, one of the boys that came over to play Phase 10 last night. Ugh I know what that means. He was very nice but also shy and socially inept. He rides a motorcycle, if that counts for anything. Let's cross our fingers that nothing comes out of it because I'm not too keen on the kid.

I've gotten to know the girls a lot better. Gabby is really fun and I understand why she's so liked by everyone. She just makes you feel like you've known eachother for years and shares everything with you. Connie is really funny and reminds me of Lindsey a little, because she doesn't care what you think of her and she's just really comfortable to be around. She's super trusting as well, I found out, because today when we were riding to a fireside I said that I had forgot my phone and I had told Lindsey I would call her when we left. We were already at the church building, so she hopped out and tossed me her keys and said I could run back and get it and she'd save spots. I'm not sure I could do that so soon, I was a little amazed. I've gotten to know Courtney a lot better. I think we'll be great friends. I love her smile. I haven't seen much of Trina since the last post, I think she works a lot and does stuff with the school too. Hopefully her boy isn't being too hard on her.

I'm still getting adjusted to living away from home. I called and cried to my mom basically and she put money in my account for groceries so I will no longer starve. Thank goodness.

Some things I miss dearly at the moment: my own bathroom and sink. Articles of clothing that I foolishly left behind. My friends. My family. My car. Home cooked meals. Having things to do. My comfort zone. I'm sure I'll become adjusted soon enough, I just have to stick it out. The first day of school is tomorrow. WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?! Bahahaha just joking. A little. I'm nervous for it. Luckily me and Lindsey have the same first two classes so I won't be alone. Agh I am so thankful for this girl.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 3. I'm Already Bored.

Some things that have been going on:

There is a gay guy in my complex. I am so excited to meet him and go shopping with him.

I went to Freshman Day and it was useless. I saw zero cute boys unless you count Brad Abney. I don't.

I had frozen yogurt twice. And ice cream and pizza. College life is going to make me fat.

I found out that books are ridiculously expensive. But that I have 2500 bucks to buy them with from the government so it's not so bad.

I went and played rockband with some friends of my roommates. Boys. They were like in they're twenties, I felt weird. One named Logan was pretty funny. He made a comment on everything I did though. Like if I popped my gum- it was the coolest thing in the world. Geeze. Calm it down. He had a funny laugh. I fell asleep on his couch and I forgot where I was when I woke up.

DJ will not stop texting me. I stopped replying around 10 pm last night and freaked him out a little. He wants to talk about our relationship all the time, and I want him to move on and focus on his mission and date some other people. Text snippet: DJ-"There is a difference between oh I am happy that the weather is good and I am completely and totally in love with you. So which is it?" Me- nothing. I hate when he starts talking like this.

My roommates are all very friendly and genuine. I like them. The first one I met was Gabby. She's on student government and has millions of boys, but isn't serious with any of them. Connie shares a room with her and is short and tan. She has a lot of boys too I think including a strange one named Gideon. She is OCD and I watched her straighten the blinds for 10 minutes. The crooked closet doors bug her. Trina has dark hair and is on the school show choir team. Her boyfriend broke up with her because he started having feelings for his ex. We're going to go stalk her at Cafe Rio. Courtney I probably know the least about. She's blond and keeps to herself. Her brother also lives in our complex. He was roommates with the gay guy for about an hour but requested to switch. Wimp.

I'm scared to eat because I don't want to eat anyone's food or use anyone's dishes. So maybe college life will make me lose weight after all.

I had the most violent diarrhea last night when we got home from rockband. I think I have food poisoning. Sorry roommates.

I left my pinky finger nail polish on that Tit did because I couldn't let it go. So I only have one finger painted at the moment.

I didn't have a chain for my bike and just left it leaning against the hand rails by our front door. It was gone when I got up this mornig. Suck.

I miss you all terribly and I will see you in 7 days.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Night...

Well hello, world. New blog. New bed. New family. New school.
I miss my friends. No, really. I do. Today was very strange. My parents dropped me off at my new apartment. I greeted the 5 girls that I will be spending the next year with. They were extremely cute and charming. I'm very relieved. I sat on my bed after all my things were away and stared off into space because I had nothing better to do. I feel so useless! Good thing school starts tommorrow morning, because really I could not do this another day! Having no car is really weird. My choices are either to sit in my apartment or walk somewhere. I feel like I'm in jr. high again. I can walk down to Macey's and buy an 89 cent ice cream cone and that's about it haha. Luckily Linda has a car and came and picked me up for a Harmon's run. We got fruit snacks and talked. I'm so glad she's here with me, she'll keep me from going crazy.
Tomorrow is going to be so exciting! I'm excited for new surroundings and new boys. I changed my bookface relationship status to single. I am officially free to do what I want. And I plan to do some serious flirting. It has been far too long. I want to date. I want a NCMO. I want to become a "true rebel". I am going to expreience college to it's fullest.

Ladies. Don't worry, I'm doing fine. I will see you in approximately 8 days.