Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Revelations. Revolutions. Resolutions?

It's almost twenty 'leven. You know what to do. Make some goals.

1. Be a better daughter, sister and granddaughter. It takes some effort to keep in touch with family nowadays. I'm going to make phone calls and visits like a madwoman.
2. Finish the BoM.
3. Find a real man that will take me to Temple Square during the holidays.
4. Be that one girl that says hi to everyone. That smiles more that not. Oh and I'd like to learn how to give compliments. I'm real bad at that.
5. Buy my first car. She'll be cute and used and I'll love her because she'll be all mine.
6. Get back into my 'good day' jeans. Those were good days.
7. Be a diligent letter writer. Who doesn't love getting mail? No one. So it's a win-win. I get to write letters and spread joy.
8. Raise my GPA. The first semester of college was rough. Let's not let that happen again.

So yes. My goals are the completely cliche three: Find love, be kinder and lose weight. But what else is a girl to say? I got a nice new fresh planner at Barnes & Noble to commemorate this joyous event. I'll check back here in 1 year. Wish me luck.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Out On Holiday.

Babe, I'm back. I'm real excited to be back home. I missed the little munchkins that run around my home and the ladies that I will probably not manage to visit because they're adults with jobs and men and such.

Within the next few weeks my plans are petite. They include sleeping in until noon most mornings, Christmas schopping because I have completely procrastinated in that area, not do a single school related task, and I'm feeling a bit crafty. I'd like to make some cute things like these:

Felt ornaments. I'm thinking maybe some little frosted sugar cookies.

Perhaps some homemade headbands. They're hot right now.

And I'm already half way through this baby. A circle scarf. They intrigue me.

And in between these creavtive endeavors I'll be writing this boy:

I haven't talked to him in three days. I feel weird. My phone has been playing a better paper weight than its intended use. I miss him already. Good thing I'm a huge fan of missionaries or I might want him back.

My Christmas wish list is quite short this year. It includes groceries, shampoo, q-tips and tickets to none other than Miss Ke$ha's concert in February. Why am I attending this ridiculous event? Well mostly because Lindsey told me about it. But why did I agree? For the pure joy of observing this girl's insanity. Yes. It's going to be epic. I can already picture the crowd of people that will be there. I'm psyched.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Long Time, No Blog.

Hello again. I will make no useless promises to be better this time, what a joke. I'll just give a quick update.

I'm still alive. My grades have suffered a bit because of the lengthy break that just passed. It was totally worth it though. I got to see the fam and reroonite with the ladies, oh how I missed you guyves. I got to spend a few days with Dougie and my brothers which is always entertaining. Jordan has turned into quite the vain little JB look alike. Trevor got braces! He is growing up, I can't believe it. And Josh said that he misses me when I'm gone, and he won't miss anyone else when they move out, just me. He also said that he couldn't wait until I got married so he could play with my husband and me and be an uncle. Don't hold your breath, little man.

DJ did an amazing job on his farewell talk. Most of the girls made it there so it was a nice little get together. It was so nice to see the Simpsons again. They make me feel so special.

Thanksgiving was lovely. Alexis was adopted for a few days since her familia went up north and she had to stay here and work. We shared a yummy spread of turkey, sweet potatoes, rolls, pie and all other sorts of goodies that you can think of. It was exhausting and wonderful. We stole the other family's games while they weren't looking by accident. SLAMWICH! It was great.

That night I foolishly took part in the insanity called Black Friday. NEVER AGAIN. I said it last year and I'll say it again. Please, pretty please never let me do that to myself again. Two hours in 13 degrees on concrete spells misery for me. I have learned my lesson universe, I promise.

Lindsey and I played with the Sandy boys and attended Asian Brian's farewell. I just love those things. Little Golden was next and he did so good. I can't believe all these boys are leaving us! I can't wait until they get back!

Back at school, I'm glad to be doing something productive after almost TWO WEEKS. I'm scared for finals. They just sound scary! I came home to a missionary letter. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy the next two years because I absolutely adore getting letters and writing them. Another thing that I am way psyched for is this man right here:

John Vesely from Secondhand Serenade. He's performing with these guys:

(Forever The Sickest Kids) and also this man:

John Allred. Second time with this guy actually. He holds a special place in the musical corner of my heart. It will most likely be the best spent $17 of my life. December 8th. You know where I'll be.