Thursday, October 28, 2010

One In A Million.

We're learning about genetics in biology right now and I've learned some pretty crazy things. Blood type is a codominant gene which is why we can have AB type blood. My blood type is AB-. This blood type only occurs in .7% of the population. Hair color is also a hereditary trait. Red hair is a genetic mutation that only occurs in 2% of the US. Apparently I'm pretty rare. Go figure.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's Leave Before Satan Gets Out Of The Shower.

Hello ladies.

Some things that have been going on in my life:

Mid-terms have been passed.
Much anticipated not-really-date failed.
Influenza was caught and nearly conquered.
Sister Wives watched.
Leather jacket worn.
Missionary letters written.
TWO pumpkins were carved. [I wish I had visuals for you but I'm not savvy enough to get images off my phone and on here. But basically I did the Mario one but better and a wonderful rendition of an 'I heart mustache' shirt I saw. It was great.]
Apples consumed in the last 2 weeks: 15. I'm convinced I could survive on apples and peanut butter.
Jade's Blag was stalked. I love her.
I laughed hard. My roommates are psycho, hilarious, lovely women.

Scripture of the day: D&C 3:7. A note to all you out there who place WAY too importance on what your peers think of you: give it a rest. When you are more worried about the comments you'll get from those around you than what the Lord wants, you'll never be happy. College has taught me that tolerance and understanding are qualities I want in friends and someday in a future spouse. Nobody wants to spend time with people who make judgments on situations they aren't privy to. You can give that a rest too.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tis The Season.

For pumpkin carving.

What should I do?

These are some of my ideas.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fantastic Night.

Last night Lindsey and I went with a group of kids to a cave. Picture yourself going down into a deep, dark hole. And it smells of bat urine. And you climb down for a good while and it opens up into a big cavern. Then you cut open glow sticks and spray it all over the walls and yourself. Now everyone either lays down or stands against the walls and doesn't move. You have a game of glow stick hide in the dark. It was the most surreal crazy thing ever. I loved it. We only had the feeling that the cave was going collapse the whole time, but it just added to the excitement. Also the fact that it was illegal. Yay for teenage delinquency.

Also, I am going to marry a man that plays guitar. That is all.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Summer, Where'd You Go?

Even here at sunny St. George, the heat has left us. I feel like I'm living in Forks! No sun for the last three days. So much rain. And you know what that means! Puddle jumping galore. Rivers of water to drive through. It is fun. It reminds me of that fantastic day we went puddle hunting in the grocery store parking lot, remember? It was so good. It also made me miss you guys a bit. But no bother, I'll be home in two weeks.

Conference was so so good. I loved President Monson and President Uchtdorf's talks the best. I am going to have more gratitude in my life, and when I come upon tribulation I'm going to slow down and look to the Lord for strength. He can get me through anything. I am so excited for the Ensign to come with all the talks in it. I'ma mark it right up.

Missionary work is such an amazing thing. I've been thinking about it a lot lately because of all the missionaries in my life at the moment, both preparing and returned. I'm so glad that there are worthy young men out there willing to give up so much so that the families they teach can be together forever. I honestly love hearing mission stories. Which is good because of all the RMs I run into around campus. I have realized to a greater extent how much they learn on their missions and how much they grow. Yesterday one of my roommates ripped some of the ligaments in the right side of her neck. Two boys from our ward came over and gave her a blessing. I can't sit through a blessing without getting chills. They are so powerful. They both served foreign missions so they weren't positive on the wording for the ordinance in English. I thought it was funny. They could have blessed her in German.

I have such a good feeling about the future right now. I'm excited to get started on the internships and training classes for my medical radiography degree. I'm excited to be able to say I made it through my first semester of Dixie State in one piece, even though we're only half way through, I'm surviving. With decent grades even. I'm so excited for Christmas! I have even gained an appreciation for my family. Oh, the amazing things that college can teach you.

Anyhow, I miss you all. Everytime I pass a frozen yogurt place I think of Alexxxxx and everytime I see a VW bug I think of Mallory in her fancy new ride. And of course everytime I see a crow I yell "Black Chuckun!!!!" without thinking and then I miss our stinky house boat and then I miss you all. It's a brutal cycle. I hope you are all doing well and are enjoying yourselves! Have a happy Tuesdee!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Trevor Scott.

I'm surprised it took me this long to post about this amazing kid. He was the star subject for my first term paper this year, so I thought I'd share some stories with you all.

Me and Trevor happen to be best friends.

He is terrified of Dogs and snoring.

When Trevor was baptized, they asked him up on the stand what his favorite scripture story was and he said hulk.

Trevor is obsessed with Halloween, roller coasters and cats.

He loves every one that he meets and wants to be their friend on facebook. I'm pretty sure he has more friends than me.

Sometimes he will randomly speak in an italian accent. The only place I can imagine it could come from is Luigi on Mariokart.

Trevor lives on peanut butter, french toast and capri suns. What a life.

He had a pet rat a few years ago and he named her Sniffy. They played video games and went on walks together. When she passed away we had a funeral and let Trevor bury her in the back yard. He left her tail sticking out of the dirt.

Today at Costa Vida he swore that our line server was in Camp Rock on the Disney channel and insisted he get her autograph.

Sometimes Trevor will sneak up on me and kiss my nose and yell "150 points!" I don't understand him a lot of the time.