Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good day.

Today was an overall good day.

I curled my hair and bouncy hair just naturally improves my mood.

I found out that my freak-out the other day caused Steven to write funny things like "stupid 18 year old" and "I'll give her what's coming" on his facebook. Not really a mood improver, just hilariously pathetic.

So there's this boy that opens the door for me every day after biology and we walk to his car. Today I almost talked to him on the way home but then a cute man in a silver convertible asked if I wanted a ride. I guess you win some and you lose some.

I went to Target and bought some new, happy green shorts and softlips. I also realized I have an addiction for chapstick. But I'm okay with it.

I went to Zumba and there were funny boys dancing today. That probably made my day.

Now I'm headed off to Waffle Wednesday. They put icecream on them. Yum.

Yay for good Wednesdays.

Monday, September 27, 2010

So I Freaked Out. A Little.

Well this story must really begin with a little background on the star character. For the sake of protecting his identity (or really to protect my life, because if he found this I wouldn't put it beyond him to hunt me down and burn me in my sleep), we'll call him Steven Stupidface. I noticed him the first day of communications class mostly because he had a full man-beard, and he talked more than the average person. He's about 30 years old, a self proclaimed problem starter- "I like to question everything, when a teacher says something is the way it is, I always ask 'why?'". And believe me, he's not exaggerating when he says that. This kid talks more in the class than the professor. He drives me nuts. Oh, here's a little taste of this awesome individual:

No, he hasn't published a book. Yet. I'm sure he will someday and no one will read it. So anyhow, today he was going on about his usual antics. My teacher was just talking about how people don't usually keep eye contact when they lie and Mr. Stupidface of course had to disagree: "Well not necessarily..." blah blah blah blahhhhh. After about 5 minutes of his ranting I couldn't take it anymore. It started off as a mumbling complaint to myself but once it got started I couldn't keep it under my breath, "Steve! We're going to kill you. We don't want your input on every section of the chapter. We just want to get through the lesson. So stop talking. Stop challenging everything that he says, and just keep your crap to yourself." Well, he didn't like that apparently because he picked his stuff up and walked out of the classroom. On his way out I started some attempt at an apology and he just said "I DON'T CARE." Me and Lindsey were the only people who thought this was hilarious. I'm pretty sure that my face was bright red... I totally was not expecting him to react like that. The best part was that my teacher barely looked up from his book. He proceeded to keep reading.It really was like the twilight zone. No one else in the class laughed or even noticed.

This story would be a lot funnier to me if I didn't have to work on all my group projects with him until Christmas. Yay.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today I was pretty stressed out about a biology test I have been procrastinating all week for. I finally headed up to the school and got it over with. Walking home was pure bliss. It was 8 at night and there were no cars on the road. It was the perfect temperature, and the only sounds were the humming of the crickets. These are the times I love living in St. George. Absolutely beautiful.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Night At The Cinemas

This weekend me and Linds saw Easy A. I quite enjoyed it.

The main character was the redhead from house bunny.
And I learned a new word :)

This guy shirtless didn't hurt either.

In other news, I've given plasma twice now. $40 richer!! Rachel would be proud.
I got set apart for my calling on the Mission & Fellowship council.
I was smitten by a baseball slut in my communications class when he whispered sweet nothings in my ear.
I missed Alexis whilst eating Spoon Me frozen yogurt that I actually had to pay for.
I went to a rodeo. My favorite part was the firemen. I cheered for the cows.

Wish me luck in Zumba tonight. I think it will be grand.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You're At The Top.

I'm usually not a fan of the forward messages. Especially the animated, sparkling, pointless and threatening ones. FORWARD THIS TO EVERYONE IN YOUR CONTACT LIST OR GET PREGNANT AND DIE. I don't know. But I got this one yesterday and it made me feel good. If you are confident and comfortable enough with your interactions with the boy population, than good on ya. If not this may help. Thanks Miss Mireya for the forward. Love you!

Woman are like the apples on the trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. The boys don't want to reach for the good ones, because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead they get the rotten apples from the ground that aren't as good, but easy. So the apples at the top think something is wrong with them when in reality they are amazing! They have to wait for the right guy to come along. The one who is brave enough to climb to the top of the tree.

I hope you all know you are worthy of someone who treats you right. Just be patient.

Love you all and see you soon.

I Hate College But I Love All The Parties.

Oh Sam Adams. Gangster and beautiful, who knew it was possible. Look him up.

Anywho. Last night was spectacular. It started off seemingly routine. It was 9:30 and we were slowing down enough to start thinking of bed. We always sit on our porch like old ladies at night and wave to the passer-bys. We saw Courtney's brother through the window in the next apartment over. He was talking to a girl. We called him to see if he'd answer the phone while he was there. He didn't, so Courtney left a prank voice message for ignoring her: "Braden! I'm in the street and there are men all around me and I don't know what to do AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" and hung up. To our disappointment, he didn't even check the voice mail. We wanted to see if he'd answer it if Connie called him, and he did. She made something up about Courtney calling in a panic but she was busy so didn't answer. This is when he checked the voice message and ran into his apartment, got his keys and ran back outside in about 3.5 seconds with his stilt legs. He ran up to us and looked like he was about to cry. Where was he planning on going to save her? No idea. But that's finally when he saw her sitting RIGHT NEXT TO US and freaked out. I'm talking BIGGEST FREAKOUT EVER on youtube worthy. He said he was going to kill her and left. I was scared for my life. Take a joke dude.

After that we wanted to get out of there before he thought of something to get back at us with. So we went on a walk. We went to the only place we could think of at the time, Nils' house. We shouted Stomp The Yard quotes and ran like grannies the entire way there. Yeah, we got some cat calls. Nils was watching Casino Royale so we left. We weren't ready for bed quite yet, so we asked Patrick, another boy in our apartment complex, if he would give us a ride in his jeep. The kind that doesn't have windows or a roof, ya know? And he said he would. He took us up to Dixie rock and we did doughnuts on the gravel. I thought I was going to die. The whole time all 4 of us were screaming hysterically. Connie was yelling "Jeeps are known to flip! Get me out of here!" It was a freaking rush, that's for sure. We were ready for bed by then, it was nearly midnight. But we all had really bad gas. Probably from all the salad and other various fresh produce we consume. It was scary. I kept having flashbacks to Park City, if you know what I mean. We talked about our ex-boyfriends and how much we despise boys and then we fell asleep.

Some choice words of the night:

Patrick to Connie after she told a story about being baptized at another church and something about hospitals: "Can I get a list of your trigger words, so I can avoid hearing another one of your rants?"

In the bathroom while we were all trying to brush our teeth, Courtney ripped a particularly fresh one. Shalisa to Connie: "Just spray it on her butt." Courtney: "So I can just fart febreeze?"

I miss you ladies, but these ones are good replacements until I see you again. They are nearly as crazy and amazing.

On another note, our good friend Ben is leaving for the MTC today. I think he was good for Lindsey. He will be missed. There was a lot of ups and downs with this kid, and hopefully now that he's gone Lindsey can stay up. You'll be okay, dear. We'll find boys to fill our time until our men come home, arright? And we'll have a blast. Just wait.

I miss you all. And I will see you soon.