Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hometown Glory

Hello friends. I didn't mean to abandon you, but I have had quite the busy last couple weeks. And not the sort of busy that is worth documenting. Just school school school.

For the time being Lindsey and myself are back in the stomping grounds. We came back to visit the kids and see our pal Ke$ha. She was great. Most definitely the most insane concert I will ever go to and definitely the weirdest crowd of people I will ever be in. She was just as charming as we anticipated.

We are still finding glitter in odd crevices and probably will be for a while.
So much glitter.

Yet another farewell and a trip to Cafe Rio made this trip complete. I couldn't leave without those. I'm not ready to go back to college! Essays and cadavers and exams have lost my interest. I have thoroughly missed the late night dance parties and knowing people you pass on the streets. I cannot wait for spring break and also the summertime when I can come back and reside in this lovely town and stay up all night with my Ace Gang. Those will be the days.

Until then I will conquer my freshman year of college. And believe me, I will rock it. Party school? Nah. Dixie's been good to us. Lindsey and I have managed to do the impossible- make friends that are boys. Do you remember watching the Lizzie Mcguire show and thinking 'That does not happen. Friends that are guys? No. But we've done it! Atleast once a week we hang out with our guy friends and we don't want to date. We just go on adventures. It's great.

Until next time, peace out.