Friday, December 17, 2010

Out On Holiday.

Babe, I'm back. I'm real excited to be back home. I missed the little munchkins that run around my home and the ladies that I will probably not manage to visit because they're adults with jobs and men and such.

Within the next few weeks my plans are petite. They include sleeping in until noon most mornings, Christmas schopping because I have completely procrastinated in that area, not do a single school related task, and I'm feeling a bit crafty. I'd like to make some cute things like these:

Felt ornaments. I'm thinking maybe some little frosted sugar cookies.

Perhaps some homemade headbands. They're hot right now.

And I'm already half way through this baby. A circle scarf. They intrigue me.

And in between these creavtive endeavors I'll be writing this boy:

I haven't talked to him in three days. I feel weird. My phone has been playing a better paper weight than its intended use. I miss him already. Good thing I'm a huge fan of missionaries or I might want him back.

My Christmas wish list is quite short this year. It includes groceries, shampoo, q-tips and tickets to none other than Miss Ke$ha's concert in February. Why am I attending this ridiculous event? Well mostly because Lindsey told me about it. But why did I agree? For the pure joy of observing this girl's insanity. Yes. It's going to be epic. I can already picture the crowd of people that will be there. I'm psyched.

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  1. Ok kute post, kute idea's but Kesha!?! I love Kesha's music, but her concert is going to be full of wakk jobs! And it will be very out of the ordinary!!! I guess i'm trying to say, I'M SO FREAKIN' JELOUS OF YOU RIGHT NOW!!! But have fun :)