Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Break 2011: Going to be Legendary.

My plans for this Spring Break are pretty short and mostly vague. All I know is WE WILL PARTY.

First on this week's agenda: Road trip to the wonderful Huntington Beach, California. We don't really have any game plan at all. We just want to see that beach. We will live in our swim suits and eat PB & Js for a few days and sleep where we fall. You call it homeless, we call it free.

Next up: Party with the Ace Gang in the new stomping grounds- Saint George. We will cave and play Mariokart and stay up all night laughing and probably go to Cafe Rio. I'm so very excited.

After we tire of St. Geezy, we will caravan to the all too infamous Las Vegas. Why? I'm not sure. Because that's what teenagers do for Spring Break. We will shop and walk and probably sneak into some hotel pools and most likely get into trouble with more than one establishment. But we will have fun.

This Spring Break is long over due if you ask me. Physiology is frying my brain- my skin needs to fry instead and I will not think about school. It's time to party with the ladies- men are so overrated. This is going to be the craziest Spring Break ever.


  1. YEAH!!!!! I'm soooooo excited!!!!

  2. "She could be my wife!"
    "That good?"
    "The best 30 seconds of my life!"
    That song will forever remind me of you, I don't know if that's a very good thing....
    I am looking forward to the funny stories about Courtney and Sarah.